Health conscious foodies will delight as award winning restaurant – Frankie’s Italian Bar and Grill, announces a special olive oil based menu, available for a week in January. Guests will be presented with a delectable four-course meal, each stage of which will contain a hint of olive oil; an ingredient packed with unrivalled health benefits. Embracing the trend of healthy eating in the New Year, the restaurant has created a truly exceptional culinary journey throughout each course that promises to surprise even the most jaded palate.


The unique menu has been carefully designed by the talented Chef Fabio Nompleggio, offering guests an opportunity to experience the true meaning of fine dining with a healthy twist. Rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E, olive oil can help reduce the risk of many diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In addition, the ingredient is associated with decreasing blood pressure and strengthening bones to prevent the onset of Osteoporosis.

The gourmet experience will commence with a melt-in-your-mouth, olive oil crème brulee. Diners will then move on to pasta buttons, stuffed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli. The highlight of the night is the entree, where diners have the choice to indulge in a roasted lobster served with sautéed turnip tops and olive oil zabione or opt for the succulent veal cheek, served with celeriac puree and red chicory confit. Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, dessert will include yogurt mousse, cherry tomato sorbet and basil jelly with a pinch of olive oil to enhance the delicious and unusual flavor combinations.

This special menu is priced at AED 365 and AED 615 with grape pairings.

Available from 18 January – 24 January