Dubai Marina’s favourite Italian restaurant kicks off the first ever Talented Frankie’s on Saturday, October 3, with a night showcasing the best of musical talent from all over the UAE.

Live from JBR’s Frankie’s Bar and Grill, Talented Frankie’s will showcase musicians from different genres. The first night in the series will bring together the best acoustic performers including a classical guitarist, singer-song writers, soloists and groups.

Legendary resident jazz duo Kevin Bassett and Donovan Rossouw have expressed their excitement about the influx of talent for the competition: “There is a lot of talent in the UAE, and some really amazing voices out there. They just need to be given the chance to showcase it to the people and potentially the world.”

“Music speaks to you, it is a common language, and everybody enjoys listening to a well-executed symphony or a funky jazz number, barriers are removed when it comes to music and we are really excited to see what these very talented people can do.”

The first show will feature numerous acoustic solo artists and groups, while the following show will see some of the country’s top classical and opera singers coming together for their night. Each night will host a different genre of music.